do i smell a birthday cake?

>> Wednesday, January 11, 2012


TAKDE KEK! TAKDE KEK! no more cake for my tummy! huhu~

"kau sudah gemok! lupa ka? mana org gemok bleh makan kek kalo nak diet? nak eksesais pun liat! ada hati kau mahu makan kek? ingat ni harijadi kau, ke?"


Puas jugak hembus kiri-kanan halau setan... tadi hampir2 dah nak men-drop-kan diri kat secret recipe!!! huwahuwahuwa! takleh jadi! takleh jadi! u juz had a big piece of cake few days ago, nazza!!! aiyarks!!!

walaupun besday saya takda kek kali ni (isk! isk! sdih gila!) tapi saya sangat happy sebab dapat gift favourite from encek hubby! dan anak murid saya bagi purse santek kaler pink!!! i loike!!! purse tu kan, ada byk compartment.. ada byk card slots! it's really-me-purse!!! i luv u syafiqah nordri!!!! haha! (ciwi!)

thanks to all yang wish dekat saya... thanks to ur prayers and do'a... i hope the best comes to all of u too!!! mmuahh! luv u ols!!!

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